Editing and Technical Writing

Naturally a Technical Writer need to be a decent Editor.  No, I am not talking about some famous Newspaper Editor-in-chief.  Every TW need to do to a self-review for his own stuff and sometimes he may get a chance to review (so called peer review) other works.  You believe my words, people will be able to find more errors, typos, grammer etc on other’s works than on self. 🙂

Next thing, how we take things during a review process. Some may take things personally whereas a professional TW won’t. Actually it’s a good opportunity to self examine and a chance to learn from our mistakes. These kind of editing or peer reviewing activities are more common on team environment whereas Individual contributors rarely gets a chance. 

I am wondering, in this current recession hit scenario, rarely companies recruit Technical Editors. Very few companies are very much bothered about their documentation standards. Most of the companies expect a TW need to wear almost all hats:

  1. Graphical Designer
  2. UI designer
  3. Product Tester
  4. Technical Editor
  5. Product Trainer
  6. Content Writer for company website (yes, they need to)
  7. An immediate helper for the marketing division

The list continues…. 🙂



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