Last week I sent an email to Mr. X. I got an Out-Of-Office reply from Mr.X as follows:

I am on leave (dd/mm/yy). For any urgent queries, please contact Mr.Y.

 Ok, this is fine for me because I know both Mr.X and Mr.Y and their email ids (even their mobile numbers). Imagine if someone who don’t know Mr.Y and his email id (obviously), how he/she will contact Mr.Y on urgent situations. Am I sounding correctly..?

In Office 2007, there is an Out-Of-Office assistant (tools > Out-Of-Office assistant), where you can set many rules. No, this post is not about how to enable an Out-Of-Office reply from Office 2007. I wanted to point out the communication gap happens while we communicate with others. We assume that we have communicated effectively.

So, here’s my revised O-O-O version:


Thanks for your e-mail. I am on leave (from dd/mm/yy to dd/mm/yy). Please contact Mr.Y [e-mail id & work phone (if possible Mr.Y’s mobile also)] for any urgent queries you may have.

Hope I have covered all the information for a new user. Did I missed anything..? Comment section is always open for you. 🙂


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2 Responses to “Out-Of-Office”

  1. வாசுதேவன் Says:

    present sir!

  2. Rengaraman Says:

    @Mr.Vasudevan, Attendance marked sir. 🙂

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