Documentation – Still a least cared area…?


I am a frequent visitor of Tom’s space. Last week when I was reading his post on wiki, few thoughts provoked me to update my space too. There is a unanimous belief among TWs’ is that Documentation is the least cared area and hardly very few project managers concern about the documentation while releasing a product. More or less it’s a fact too.

Though TWs’ took active participation in requirement analysis, UI designing, even QA testing, still documentation is considered as a grey area. I am really curious to know what will happen if any one ships their product without any documentation (includes both online and printed manuals)..? What will be the customer’s reaction on that product..?  It may sound funny or even weird, but I mean it.

Jeff has given a reply on my above comment at Tom’s space as follows:

I just read about a product that shipped without documentation – it’s called Fitbit, and in multiple reviews the reviewers complained that they couldn’t figure out how to use it and that there was no documentation.

See   for example.

Excerpt: “…shame that wasn’t in the manual. That’s because no manual comes with the thing, the implication being you just throw it on and go to town. Again that’s not quite the reality, especially when it comes to sleep.”

Thanks for this link Jeff.

On the other side of a coin, rarely we give feedbacks in our daily life. In any websites or help sections, there is a separate comment section for customer feedback.

Do we really like to drop a line over there..?

To be honest, I admit that I hardly give feedback. So, even I am not doing any justice to documentation, how could I expect a fair justice from others..? Hope I will change gradually.


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