About Me

In this space, I will be writing about:

  • Standard documentation practices
  • Documentation tools
  • Some quick tricks in documentation related tools
  • Day-to-day experience of an omnipresent writer point of view.

7 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Porkodi Says:


  2. Arasu adhikaari Says:

    Shall i tell more about you????……..:)

    Arasu adhikaari

  3. Kumar Says:

    Hi Rengaraman,

    Wonderful blog!!!

    I never came across such a nice technical writing blog. I think i wasted my (valuable)time just browsing twin and techwrl sites. I will definetly send this link to my fellow writers.



    • Rengaraman Says:

      Hi Kumar,

      You are most welcome and thanks for your views about my blog. Of course twin is a good site for TWs’. I would recommend Tom Johnson’s blog – link is available on my blog roll list.

      Cheers Rengaraman

  4. Swaminathan Says:

    Nice to see another TW on blogs.

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