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Converting Images in SnagIt

October 9, 2009

I  have used SnagIt for more than 3 years and it is a reliable image capturing tool. Also, you can save the captured image into a number of other image formats like jpeg, gif, tif etc.

Recently I came to know that just by a right-click action, we can save an image into other formats. Here we go:

1) Right click on an image and select SnagIt > Convert Image.


2) Click the  next button.

Note: You can add more images by clicking the Add button.

Follow the steps and finally you will be able to save the image in your required format. Before converting the image, SnagIt gives an option to enhance the image. Sounds good..?

I thought we can convert multiple images only by using IrfanView. Now I found out that SnagIt also does this job decently.


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