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A Technical Writer by Choice

September 24, 2009

Hello world,

Have you ever come across any Technical Writer..? You should have. Can’t remember..? no problem. Answer my questions.

  1. Have you ever used computers? Any applications, say Internet Explorer or a Firfox?
  2. Do you have a television or a washing machine or any electrical/electronical equipments..?
  3. Have you ever travelled by air?
  4. Recently, have you ever bought any pharmaceutical products?

If the answer is yes, then you might have met a Technical Writer. Still confusing..? 

In all the scenarios mentioned above, you might have come across either a printed manual or an online help to guide you how to do it or how to getting started with that product. Obviously, it’s none other than a Technical Writer might have meticulously prepared for you.

A Technical Writer is omnipresent in this modern techno era. Hope I am not exaggrerating. As a Technical Writer by choice, I would like to tell more on my space. Thanks to WordPress.


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